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Bad breath creates a whole new layer of problems in your life. Suddenly, you feel self conscious and find it difficult to have spontaneous close contact with a loved one or even taste the food you're eating.

Have you ever had someone lean over to talk to you, only to find that the smell of their breath is so bad it makes you sick to your stomach? Have you ever worried that you may be the one making people nauseous? Maybe people are telling bad breath jokes about you.

Another bad breath remedy is to eat yogurt. Yogurt has bacteria in it that's good for you. It will help you get rid of the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath. You should eat sugar-free yogurt twice a day for six weeks.

Brushing your teeth is another bad breath remedy. You should brush your teeth after every meal. This will allow you to clean your teeth, as well as your mouth. Also, brush your tongue. Your tongue has bacteria on it that cause your breath to stink.

Brushing your tongue forms an equally important.  Most people often tend to forget to brush their tongue when they brush their teeth. But it is equally important to brush your tongue. When you brush your tongue you are able to tackle the white cluster or the plaques which are responsible for the bad odor in the first place. So always remember to remove the plaques from your tongue as well.

Quick remedies that can be utilized in any household are baking soda, charcoal and salt-water. By gargling with salt and water, brushing one's teeth regularly with baking soda or consuming small amounts of activated charcoal, one may prevent it without adverse effects. These natural bad breath remedies are still utilized widely in the rural areas.

Another bad breath remedy is to eat avocado. It is though the highly alkali avocado can help to neutralise the acidity of the oral bacteria. Avocado is one of the only foods that actually tackles the problem, as opposed to just covering it up.

Ideal conditions for the bacteria include a dry, acidic mouth with lots of food for them in the form of proteins. It is therefore important to brush and floss daily in order to remove food particles stuck on and trapped in between the teeth that could potentially be a source of food for the breath causing bacteria.

As well as anaerobic environments these bacteria also thrive in acidic environments. A remedy that can help lower the pH of the mouth will therefore aid us in getting rid of halitosis. Therefore look for remedies and mouthwashes that lower pH (often those that do will contain baking soda).

Chlorophyll is very easy and simple to use. It is also easy to obtain. Many pharmacies have chlorophyll tablets or capsules available for purchase. You should take several of them every day before or after a meal. Chlorophyll is also available in liquid or powder form.

If you have mayor problems with bad breath, then you should visit your dentist which may locate problem in your teeth. Usually this is the most common solution. Get rid of your bad breath today and stop avoiding it as it may hurt your social life and also business, if you have contact with people.

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Bad Breath Remedies

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This article was published on 2010/09/13